Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention Deficit Disorder Defined:

ADD is a neurological disorder that affects more than three million people each year. The disorder can lead to a variety of different behavioral issues. It is commonly diagnosed during childhood and can be treated by several different therapies, medications, or by a specialist. It is important to recognize that ADD does differ from ADHD. Children who have been diagnosed with ADHD will show more symptoms that reveal hyperactive behavior. If you believe your child could be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, then consider reaching out to Therapy Services of Greater New York. We offer pediatric occupational therapy as well as a full sensory integration gym for children ages 0 to 21. 

Signs And Symptoms of ADD:

If you believe that your child has ADD, but are still unsure, there are plenty of commons signs that can point you in the right direction. Below are some of the most common symptoms that can help determine whether or not your child has developed ADD:

  • Their behavior is usually self-focused.

  • They interrupt often. 

  • They have a difficult time waiting for their turn. 

  • They have difficulties keeping their emotions in check. 

  • They are often fidgety. 

  • Unable to play quietly. 

  • Unable to finish tasks. 

  • Lack of focus. 

  • They avoid doing things that take more effort than usual. 

  • They make mistakes often. 

  • Unorganized. 

  • Forgetful. 

Treatment for ADD:

There are a few different ways a doctor could go about treating your child’s ADD. They may choose to take the medication route, which involves prescribing stimulant medication to help them focus, but side effects could come as a result. These side effects often lead to parents being more hesitant to choose this form of treatment. Fortunately, there are a variety of different therapies that can help your child without the use of medication. For example, bringing your child in to meet with a therapist can allow them to create a behavioral plan for them. A behavioral intervention can help teach your child to stay on task, improve skills, and reduce inattentive behavior. 

If you believe your child is suffering from ADD and would like to meet with a professional and experienced therapist, then look no further. Contact Therapy Services of Greater New York today to schedule your first appointment.