Orthopedic Disorders

Orthopedic disorders can encompass many different conditions that affect the body’s musculoskeletal system. It is especially impactful on children who are dealing with an orthopedic disorder, as their bodies are still growing and developing. These disorders include any form of injury or disease that is affecting the muscles, ligaments or joints. At Therapy Services of Greater New York, we offer a wide range of physical therapy treatments to help children who are suffering from an orthopedic disorder. By working with one of our skilled physical therapists, we can help provide quality care for your child’s orthopedic needs.

Common orthopedic disorders in children:

Although there is a broad range of orthopedic disorders someone can experience, there are some that occur more often in children. These disorders include:

  • Scoliosis

  • Spina Bifida

  • Flat Feet

  • ACL Injuries

  • Toe Walking

  • Skeletal Dysplasia

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Fractures

What causes an orthopedic disorder?

It can be alarming to discover that your child has been born with or has recently acquired an orthopedic disorder. The main thought running through your head might be, what caused this to occur? Depending on the type of orthopedic disorder your child is facing, there can be numerous types of causes. These may include:

  • Birth defects

  • Sports-related injuries

  • Underdevelopment

  • Brain injury taking place before, during or shortly after birth

  • Deformities taking place during the developmental stage  

What are the signs and symptoms?

If your child was born without any known birth defects or deformities and you start to notice a change in the way they’re walking or moving, it may be a sign they have an underlying orthopedic issue. These physical symptoms can appear differently depending on the type of disorder they may be experiencing. Some of the main physical symptoms of an orthopedic disorder can include:

  • Weakened or inward facing ankles

  • Lack of coordination or clumsiness

  • Abnormal walking

  • Exaggerated reflexes

  • Stiffness in limbs or the lower portion of the body

  • Differing shoulder and hip height

  • A curvature of the spine

  • Pain or swelling in joints or ligaments

How can we help?

If you feel your child is experiencing these symptoms, or have a child who has already been diagnosed with an orthopedic disorder, contact Therapy Services of Greater New York. We can help walk you through the different treatment options you or your child may have endured. The developmental stage is a crucial time in a child's life, and with the help of Therapy Services of Greater New York, we can help ensure that your child is reaching their full potential. We offer a fully-equipped sensory gym as well as various specialized approaches to treatment.

So don’t miss the chance to change your child’s life! Contact us today and see how Therapy Services of Greater New York can help you.